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Eastern Carolina WDB News and Announcements

ECWDB Launches New NCWorks Assessment Tool Available for Southeast Region’s Students, Job-Seekers, and Employers

The ECWDB has launched Traitify in the Southeast Prosperity Zone. Traitify is a quick (90 seconds) and easy work-based career assessment that is designed to measure personality traits. The personality data gathered identifies specific aspects of how someone works, the type of work they would enjoy and even includes details such as which personalities they would work well with and those that may pose a conflict.

We believe that this will be a great tool in advising on career pathways, matching individuals to career pathways in which they will be successful and finding suitable job candidates for employers. The site also links to to display job opportunities in the region.  The assessment is available for use by local K-12, community colleges, NCWorks Career Centers, and partners such as Vocational Rehabilitation and Department of Social Services.

For companies, existing employees matter, too!  With average turnover rates around 15% and sometimes costing 2x annual salary to replace, it’s crucial to monitor the personalities within your organization.  Build teams with personalities that can coexist and understand the best ways to communicate with the different individuals within your organization!

To try Traitify for yourself, please visit:

Updated: July 12, 2018

NCWorks Commission releases the 2016 Employer Needs Survey.

The 2016 Employer Needs Survey, carried out by the Labor and Economic Analysis Division (LEAD) of the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the NCWorks Commission, is a survey of over 1,900 establishments of all sizes from across the state. The goal of the survey was to identify the needs of employers across the state, with a particular emphasis on hiring difficulties and recruitment and retention practices. In addition to an Overall sample of all industries, they surveyed four industry-specific samples: Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care & Social Assistance (Health Care), and a set of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics-related industries (STEM).

The survey is a follow up to a previous effort in 2014, which found a similar level of hiring difficulties, with roughly 4 out of 10 hiring employers experiencing difficulty filling a least one position within the previous 12 months. Manufacturing and Construction employers reported higher levels of difficulty while STEM employers reported lower levels of difficulty than the Overall average.

The report is a summary of key findings/issues noted in the survey and reflects the current status of workforce skills needs in North Carolina based on the survey data.

Updated: September 28, 2016



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