COVID-19 Grant

COVID-19 Disaster Relief Employment Grant

COVID-19 has devastated the economy and the lives of so many individuals. Unemployment rates have improved, but they are still far too high. If you have become unemployed, either permanently or temporarily, due to COVID we can help. We are offering a Disaster Relief Employment Grant that provides funding for programs to provide temporary jobs to North Carolinians who have become unemployed. 

The job must be associated with the disaster recovery effort – either in humanitarian assistance activities or cleanup activities that respond to the impacts of the disaster. All cleanup and humanitarian work must be on public lands or in the public domain in eligible counties. A participant under this program may perform the same work as other State and local public employees are authorized to perform in the same areas.

Eligible Disaster DWG participants for both disaster-relief employment and employment and training activities are:

  • Dislocated workers laid-off because of the disaster, including workers who are laid off as a result of a quarantine, because they miss work to care for a family member, or because they cannot come to their regular work to follow socially distance requirements; and workers laid off after a business closure related to disruptions caused by the outbreak and the efforts to contain it.
  • Self-employed individuals unemployed or underemployed because of the disaster
  • Long-term unemployed individuals who are unemployed as a result of the natural disaster, will receive priority consideration, but other individuals considered dislocated workers (individuals who lost jobs because of plant closings or layoffs) also qualify, including individuals who have been unemployed for the past 13 weeks.

Contact us or Greene Lamp, Inc. at (252)-523-7770 for more information. Read this document for more details on the grant, and for an eligibility and verification form.