A Message from the Chairman

Jul, 1st, 2020

Our 2020 Strategic Plan:  Measured Collaboration Because It Really Does Matter

A Message to the Board

As we step out on our journey as a board for the 2020 -21 year, what a difference a few months can make in our plans and our definitions of success. Words like collaboration take on a whole new meaning when we are kept apart, and phrases like customer-focused take on new perspective as we are challenged to empathize with our customers. It strikes me that the mission of our board has held up during a time of great change. It may even be more meaningful today than it was just six months ago.

We have been given a high call to protect and promote the sanctity of work. The fulfillment that it brings to take on the responsibility of enriching the lives of the people we meet through fostering strong relationships. Facilitating individuals attaining their needs and their dreams. Bringing these individuals together and showing them how their needs and talents can combine to deliver great outcomes.

We will not win every encounter and we have a lot to learn from each other and from the future as it unfolds. I would ask that each of us finds a way to use the talent we have been blessed with to help “one” jobseeker, worker, employer, or educator to be successful in aligning the needs and the desires they have. Then when we have helped “one” we can help one more and encourage them to join the fight as well.

I appreciate each of you giving of your time and talent to this call. Remember to count your successes and share them as motivations for the greater good. Thank you in advance for your counsel.