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Veronica Enrolls in the WIOA Youth Program

Veronica C. : Youth Success Story

Veronica C. recently enrolled in the WIOA Youth Program at Carteret Community College. She came into to the program while enrolled in the Basic Skills’ Adult High School Diploma program, seeking to earn a high school degree. Veronica would like to attend college and has her sights on being a Writer one day. Veronica indicated an interest in gaining work experience and building her resume. She wanted to get experience in customer service, administrative work, and work that would allow for a creative outlet. Shortly after enrolling, we were able to arrange for an interview with the campus library, as they needed a Library Page. Veronica prepared well for the interview and impressed the library director in so many ways. In her position, she will interact with library patrons, shelve books and assist with special projects such as creating bulletin boards and special displays for the library. Veronica started her work experience this week and the library staff feel she will be a valuable asset to their program.

Taylor Vick, Stacy Barron, and Lauren Enns

Students' Careers Started at LCC

Taylor Vick, Stacy Barron, and Lauren Enns : Lenoir CC Success Story

Taylor Vick, Stacy Barron, and Lauren Enns have more in common than they knew. All three are from Greene County and they all enrolled in the Lenoir Community College Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act program after graduation from high school. While their stories are different, their end results are the same – their training has led to a promising career.

Vick graduated from Greene Central High School in May of 2020. She was interviewed and determined eligible for WIOA in June of 2020. She enrolled in Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) class at the LCC Greene County Center in Snow Hill, and began a paid work experience at a doctor’s office in Greenville. She successfully completed her CNA class, and passed the state exam. She also completed her hours at her first paid work experience and was eligible for another. “This being her second and final work experience for the program year, we looked for a worksite where she could put all the skills she had learned in class to work,” said WIOA Career Advisor Tracey Price. An agreement was established with Hookerton Family Practice and Taylor began working there in December of 2020. She completed her hours and was hired in April 2021. She is currently enrolled in Pre-Nursing curriculum at LCC and employed with Hookerton Family Practice.

Barron enrolled in WIOA in September of 2020 after graduating from Greene County Early College High School in May. She obtained a certification in Optical Assistant class through LCC’s ED2Go online class. “We began looking for a worksite where she could put her training to work,” Price said. “She was a client at Atlantic Eye Center in Goldsboro so that is the first place we inquired. They agreed to partner with us and give Stacy an opportunity to gain hands on work experience.” Excited to begin this new job, Barron did well and was given great feedback on her evaluations, but she said she felt like she wasn’t measuring up and catching on fast enough in certain work tasks. “She never gave up and persevered, always with a great attitude and a willingness to learn,” Price said. After completing 520 hours and receiving a good final evaluation, Barron was hired and she said she loves the career she has now.

Enns enrolled in WIOA in October of 2018 after she earned her GED, now known as High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) from LCC in 2013. She was interested in a career in healthcare, and began taking healthcare classes. She did very well in her classes, worked as a certified nurse assistant and was getting ready to exit the WIOA program when the pandemic hit. She was pregnant during that time, and had a young son at home to care for and decided not to continue working in direct care in healthcare. “Helping her switch careers, we began searching for worksites,” Price said. A paid work experience was established at Hookerton Town Hall, where she began a position at the Hookerton Town Office & DMV office located there. She was trained, and mentored during her time there. When she had worked all the hours allotted, she was hired as an office assistant.”

Price said she was proud of these students as they faced challenging situations during 2020. “They did not give up, they pressed on, and kept a great attitude and practiced a strong work ethic,” she said. “It paid off for each of them, and I am so proud of each one of them.”

Source: Neuse News

Tyree Jones

Tyree Obtains his CDL and Finds Employment with the Help of WIOA

Tyree Jones : WIOA Success Story

Mr. Tyree Jones has been a participant in the WIOA program since May 2021. He has been working with Mr. Duane Clark, WIOA Career Advisor. Mr. Jones visited Mr. Clark concerning financial assistance with obtaining his CDL license from Craven Community College. Duane was skeptical about Tyree participating in the CDL program due to the rigorous training and scheduling demands of the class. However, Tyree assured him that he was up to the challenge. Well not only was Tyree up to the challenge of the CDL class but he turned out to be one of Duane’s most positive and consistent students. He was on time with all required WIOA paperwork and always responded to phone calls, emails or texts and we as case managers LOVE it when our student’s follow-up with us.

In August 2021, Tyree Jones officially passed the CDL class and obtained his Commercial Driver’s License, he is now employed with DPD Concrete in Grantsboro, NC. Tyree is working a lot of long shifts but in his spare time he enjoys fishing and relaxing with family. I’m very proud of Tyree and I feel that he is going to be a real positive role model in his community by communicating to young people that the value of an education is priceless.

NCWorks Helps Eric Find Employment

Eric : Adult Success Story

Eric contacted the NCWorks Career Center in New Bern for assistance applying for a position with the City of New Bern. Eric was working full-time for another local municipality, driving 2 hours every day and wanted to be closer to home here in New Bern.

With Eric employed so far from New Bern, an in-person appointment would not work, so Eileen McGaughey “met” with Eric via telephone. She completed his NCWorks registration including setting up job alerts for positions closer to home and creating a resume he could use for the City of New Bern application.

Eric called Eileen a couple of weeks after applying with the City of New Bern to inform her he was selected for an interview.  Excited about this opportunity and wanting to do his best, Eric asked to complete a practice interview. For the practice interview, Eric and Eileen scheduled an in-person appointment. Eileen and another NCWorks Career Center staff member met with Eric and conducted a mock interview. 

During his employment search, Eric interviewed with two great employers in New Bern. Using the skills he gained in the practice interview, Eric obtained the position that was on the top of his list – Utility Maintenance Worker with the City of New Bern.  Congratulations Eric!

Providing Opportunities to Veterans

Brian Dandridge : Veteran Success Story

On Feb 4, 2021, Brian Dandridge came into the Duplin County NCWorks Career Center for job search assistance and career guidance.  Melvin Sabillon, CSR, assisted Mr. Dandridge with registering into and referred him to Carla Whaley, Career Advisor, for additional services.

Carla assisted Brian with job searching and explained the services offered through the Career Center. He told Carla he was currently homeless and unemployed. He had worked as a swine farmer for seventeen years and lost his housing upon resigning his position.

Brian’s experience working with swine lagoons inspired him to enroll in the Combined Biological Waste Water Operator I and II class at James Sprunt Community College. Carla instructed Brian to update his resume to showcase his work history and enrollment in the Waste Water class. Carla learned Mr. Dandridge was a Disabled Naval Veteran. She explained the NCWorks Veteran’s Program to Brian and contacted Zackary Branch, Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP) for Duplin County, to request his assistance with Mr. Dandridge, as well.

 Zackary began working with Brian on Feb 23, 2021 and referred him to several openings within the surrounding area.  Mr. Branch also contacted Charles Lee with the Veterans Services of the Carolinas-Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program (HVRP).  After enrolling in HVRP, the program paid for Brian to test and receive his Waste Water Treatment Plant I certification.

 Mr. Dandridge continued to receive services from the Duplin County Career Center. Charliss Gwynn, Career Advisor, joined the team focused on assisting with his job search. Charliss found a position with the City of Jacksonville and the Pender County Utilities – Water Department Division. She shared the information with Carla who immediately called Brian with application instructions.  Brian promptly submitted a Pender County application and was soon scheduled to interview.  After completing the interview Mr. Dandridge was extended a job offer with Pender County Utilities starting on May 17, 2021. 

 The NCWorks Career Center continues to assist Brian with locating affordable housing. Zachary Branch (DVOP) referred Brian to Volunteers of America and Charliss Gwynn referred him to the Homeless Emergency Solutions Grant operated by Greene Lamp Community Action.

Kara Thomas

NCWorks Helping Job Seekers

Kara Thomas : Adult Success Story

In March 2021, Kara Thomas utilized our AWS to request referrals for positions with two local municipalities posted in NCWorks. Kara and Eileen McGaughey met via telephone to complete her NCWorks registration including setting up virtual recruiter and completing her requested referrals. Kara’s situation was unique so she and Eileen spent time discussing how to manage the application and interview process.

About a week after their initial meeting, Kara called with great news-she had two interviews scheduled for early April. Kara and Eileen met to strategize and plan for her interviews, also reviewing Kara’s career portfolio. 

Kara worked her plan and on April 12 called Eileen to share the wonderful news-she was offered and accepted a position with Pamlico County!

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